Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Thoughts & Life Theories.....#3

Why do people take life for granted?

People are constantly throwing their lives away or wasting it not doing anything with it but taking up space...... Why?

It's sad to see people who want to make something of theirselves but can't because of their environment or because the system won't help them to better theirselves, so they get discouraged and resort to other means of survival. Knowing that their are people in the world with those kinds of living conditions why would someone who has an advantage to make something of themselves not want to capitalize on it? Instead they waste their life while others that are really trying to make something off their self can't because someone that previously had that chance messed it up Big Time and made it harder to achieve. 

Everybody dies, but not everyone lives to see life or even take a breath of it. When I go to the morgue to pick up infants and still borns who haven't even taken a breath I just think to myself. Why do people take life granted ? Life is a blessing. To wake up and see another day is a blessing.  Don't waste your life following others who are leading you down the wrong pathway. Be your own leader ! Why wouldn't you want better for ya self. Take control of your life & make something out of it. Leave your mark on earth ! 

People go to jail for murder and an array of many other things, for what !? What gives you the right to say anyone doesn't deserve to live, what gives you the right to take anyone's life away from them ? Now you sit and rot in a cell for the rest of your life instead of living it out in the open making something positive of yourself. Live life smarter. 

They say the best things in life are free ! So why are you stealing and robbing people for their possessions ? Throwing your life away over material items. That doesn't make sense. Sure we all want the luxurious life of finer things but you have to earn it. Work hard for it so then you can enjoy the results of your hard work. Let that be your motivation to wanna make something of ya self or to make a better life for yourself. It's possible obviously if others are doing it. So the question is why can't you !? ........ Don't take your life for granted or waste it..... Get up and make it worth living. Get up and make something out of yourself ! There is no reason you can't ! 

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