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The B. West Story

Written By: Robert J. Wescott III

The story of B. West begins on September 18th 1987 when he was introduced to the world not knowing that he would one day be considered a one-man show.  B. West born Robert July Wescott III grew up working in the family owned mortuary where he learned discipline and responsibility.  Since the age of 12, West learned the importance of upholding his responsibilities, and started setting goals for himself.  Around this time he began writing poetry, which then transformed into lyrics that started his passion for music.  At age 13, West started High School at Northeast Catholic where he met his partner in crime Giovanni Delgado formally known as G-Dash.  The two of them began low budget recording, using a stereo with a built in microphone that allowed them to record on cassette tapes.  After a year or so of low budget recording, West was determined to take his music to the next level and did so by purchasing a computer.  During this time West took the initiative of purchasing recording programs, and other studio equipment because he didn’t want his music to have the same low budget quality. West began forming a group named Ghetto Intentions, which consisted of him, G-Dash, D-Trigga, and Genius.  Aside the group West was still a independent artist striving for attention and exposure that he needed for his music.  Around the age of 15-16 West started working with an array of music producers and engineers, which gave him an opportunity of getting more exposure for his music.  While working with 30/30 Entertainment at the time West began performing and producing his own music.  As he began to progress, West began working with Season Around Records, Street Dreams, 13 Entertainment, and a few other local Labels.  Through the course of high school West released 4 albums, which he sold through out Northeast Catholic to keep his name and music alive. The third album he released was Entitled “Ghetto Intentions Volume 1” which was a follow up album for the previous Ghetto Intention mixtapes that were released.   The forth album that he released was a true one-man show project for B. West.  Teaching himself step by step, West recorded, wrote, produced, and mastered every song on the double disc album, which consisted of 30 tracks.  West also participated in a TV production class his last 2 years of high school where he learned the basics of TV production and how everything worked.  During his senior year West was at the top of his production class, not only did he run the high school’s news program but he also interviewed the athletes of the school and added it as a segment of the news. Once High School was finished in 2005, West now had his mind set on doing music and video production, not knowing that he would soon be making history.  Still keeping Ghetto Intentions in mind, once everyone went there separate ways West created his own music label entitled “B. West Music”, which gave him the opportunity to scout for artist. While performing at a showcase West’s attention was caught by Quasim who had received a standing ovation for his performance of John Legend’s “Ordinary People.”  After meeting Quasim West was anxious to collaborate with his new R&B artist not knowing that there duets would catch everyone’s attention.  West attended Philadelphia Community College, where he majored in business, and took a few music classes to keep himself well rounded.  On January 30, 2007 West released another album entitled “The Homecoming”, which was also produced by him with the help of G-Dash who professionally mixed and mastered the album.  Once the cd was released West sold over 150 copies, $5.00 a piece to keep him motivated with his music.  Later in the year West was introduced to H. Pain who was the head of a group named Heavy Artillery.  After a few meetings and collaborations West was now initiated with Heavy Artillery, soon to be the president.  While being a part of heavy Artillery West was able to spread his wings and expand his talents to the next level.  After a months and months of performing with Heavy Artillery and filming performances, West began doing music videos.  His first music video entitled “Rideyua” was a song by H. Pain, which was a success and a boost of confidence for B. West.  After many plays and comments on his first video West kept the motivation going and released a second video entitled “Do My Own Thing”, which was a single off his latest project.  The song featured H. Pain to clarify that even though B. West was initiated with Heavy Artillery, he was still going to do his own thing regardless of what anyone thought.  Months later West would have never thought that he would be getting 2 of his hit singles played in clubs while being an unsigned artist.  Not many human beings are able to teach themselves how to work and operate recording programs, nor teach themselves how to produce beats, and music videos.   B. West is a self-motivated person, who is not afraid to go after his dreams and goals and will do anything to achieve and accomplish them. West has already been offered 2 record deals but did not accept only because the contracts were no good.  B. West has recently been offered 2 more record deals, one from Philly Swain who’s label is signed through Sony, & Tone Trump who’s label receives distribution through Koch records. B. West has so much going on. & so much talent to be shown to the world.  B. West also has his music on sale to the world through online retailers such as iTunes, amazon.comrhapsody.comemusic.comnapster.com and anywhere else music is sold online, be sure to log on and purchase a copy.  B. West just recently released his new album entitled: “B. West Music” on December 1, 2009 be sure to log onto a online music store and get a copy.  Throughout his music career thus far B. West has performed at 69th Street Lounge, Tierra Columbiana, M&S Hall, The Free Library Talent Show, Grand Market Place’s Grand Opening, Heavy Artillery Showcase, Industry Tuesdays at Club Fluid and has had the privilege of performing on “Wild About Philly” television program, Hip Hop Gon Wild, Tacony Billiards, The Lost World, Atlanta, Georgia at the Apache CafĂ©, Smutt Shop Car/Bike Show, Philly We Back 1st Annual Concert, Couture Du Passe Fashion Show & more venues.  B. West has also had the opportunity of meeting a industry figures such as Omillio Sparks of State Property, (EST) Robert Waller who is one of Beyonce’s songwriters, Larry Larr, LA Virgil, Peedi Crakk, Freeway, Tone Trump, Spantaneeus Xtasty who is a former adult film star who’s documentary is being filmed and produced by B. West. Continuing on Reed Dollaz, Joey Jihad, Philly Swain, Journalist, Sandman, Roscoe P Coldchain, B-Phlat who is a hilarious female comedian, Minage Trios & Fetish Fatale who are both adult film stars, and the list continues for industry persons that B. West has come in contact with.  Most would call B. West a one man army because of his multi-talented skills, others would call B. West a business man who is a licensed funeral director, who helps the public at their time of loss.  B. West isn’t your average person, nor rapper or businessman, he has passion for his work and that’s something that the majority of people in his field lack.  

As time has progressed in 2010 B. West became a licensed funeral director as well as a entrepreneur with the music & funeral industry. Although B. West is still a unsigned artist he still profits from record sales on iTunes & other online stores the same as signed artist do.  B. West is a determined individual, one who takes chances and risks all for the passion of it enjoying every moment of the grind. B. West’s grind has also allowed him to travel outside of Philadelphia to perform at shows & appear on radio stations in such states as Massachusetts, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, California & other states via online radio stations.  B. West is also the cameraman & video editor for ShayStar.com.  Linking with Shay Star also helped B. West’s career just a bit by allowing him to network with different celebrities that have been featured on shaystar.com such as Christopher Williams, Sunshine Anderson, H-Town, Case, Travis Porter, Lloyd, Cr DaShow, Adina Howard & the list goes on.  As 2011 progressed one of B. West's music videos "Football Is Back" which is a tribute to the Philadelphia Eagles was featured on Fox 29 Good Day Philadelphia. That alone is an accomplishment in itself, B. West has also been interviewed on 88.1 FM WPEB, 91.7 FM Batcave Radio, And an array of online radio stations throughout the country as well as Mysoundgrid.com a website created by Sandman who was formally signed with The Clipse & The Re-Up Gang.  B. West Can now be added on Pandora Radio so make sure you add his channel now, search "B. West Radio" on Pandora now! B. West always has his hands in multiple pots waiting for them all to erupt with success & show the world that dreams can come true for anybody.  

B. West’s music and video skills continue to advance, because of his passion & self-motivation, B. West will continue to progress no matter what. 




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