Monday, April 15, 2013

My Thoughts & Life Theories.....#4

Is loving more than one spouse wrong ? If its wrong why do we have these feelings for more than one spouse ? Is it Lust and our mind is playing tricks on us? Or is it really love but u can't decipher who you love more. How do you measure love for someone? It's so easy to walk away from those you don't love or have feelings for. But it's hard to walk away from those you love & have feeling for? Is it a sign that you need or want them in your life? Or is it a sign that it was better to had loved & lost rather then not have loved at all?

What is love? Is it an emotion that draws 2 individuals together ? Or is it a action that makes you wanna do for that individual ? Is it both? If love is meant to be a beautiful thing amongst those in love why are there so many divorces and break ups? Are people marrying for the wrong reasons? Maybe they aren't truly in love to begin with. Lust can seem like love until it is put to the test ! People may take marriage as a game but yet those words that are said mean everything. "Do you take this person to love & cherish through thick and then, for richer or for poorer, til death do us part........"

If your not really in love with someone to that extent why even get married? Are you forced to marry that person? Are they putting pressure on you to do it? Are you trying to satisfy that person by giving them what they want but not necessarily what you want? Why should you feel pressured if marriage & love are a 2 person sport that should be entered into equally. Why does marriage have to feel like a prison ? Why is a wife referred to as "The Ol Ball & Chain" ?

List can make you feel in love that's for sure. Make you feel good inside, make u wanna do special things for each other because in the back of your mind you want to be rewarded with sex & kisses. But if those kisses & sex come to a halt will you still continue to do those special things for one another? Or will you disappear once you get rewarded for your special gestures?

Men & Women are definitely not alike in terms of mental thoughts & processes but yet they can both agree to sex & lust & some times love. As the decades come to past true love seems to disappear without a trace and lust is becoming the new thing. The part that I find interesting is the ones that really are in love or have feelings don't share their feelings with the one that matters but yet tells a friend which isn't helping the situation. Yea everyone is scared of rejection or the feeling that the one you have feelings for doesn't feel the same towards you but you have to take that leap of faith to find out. Once you take that leap you'll see how that person will open up and that locked door to their feelings gets opened and welcomes you in. No need to front or lie because that only becomes a problem further down the line. Always be yourself & share your real feelings. You'll be amazed what you'll find out & your time will not be wasted if you two are on different pages....

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