Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Thoughts & Life Theories.....#1

     Why do women who have jobs feel they can demand money from men, but if the shoe were on the other foot those women would look down on that man.....So in a sense should men look down on women like you? 

Why should men give women money when she has a job!? For an allowance?....Sexual Favors?.....So she can spend yours & save hers?.....Why?......

If its for sexual favors that means she is being pleasured by your money & in return she gives you sexual pleasure......all humans have sexual desires, so who is sexually pleasing her? The man next door? ...... Cuz it's obvious ur only pleasing her with ur $$ not ur anatomy. Therefore once your pockets run dry she is onto the next money train.

If its an allowance I could kinda see it, depending on why u think she deserves a little extra in her pocket.....if she cook, clean, take care of the kids if u 2 have any, yall have an incredible sex life, she dont argue with u or get on ya last nerve,  as well as does other things that puts a smile on ya face and she does em so well to the point U feel she deserves a little extra then by all means I'm with that. I understand completely. Ur happy! Thumbs up.

 Why do women feel they can just demand money from a man especially if they have their own, but yet if a man was to ask a woman for money that makes him less of a man in their eye sight !? So as men we are supposed to give women money (for reasons I'd like to know) but if we ask them for money we are looked down upon !? That doesn't make sense...... They say the man is the bread winner in the family, or he brings home the bacon, yea thats true but he is providing for his family and his wife is taking care of home because she doesn't work. but this isnt the case. these women have jobs, so why do they feel they need extra!? So they can get their hair and nails done at ur expense, since they claim they are looking good for u? or is it so u can pay their bills as well as yours while they stash all their money? what are they bullies with nice bodies & makeup on!? ......If the saying goes "You get back what u put in" what exactly am I getting back from what I've put in a woman's pocket? ..... Attitude?, 21 Questions when I come home from a long day of honest work,  looked down upon if I ask to borrow a few dollars out of the money I just gave u?, perhaps sexual desires that will have a tragic ending of her sleeping with others when you run out of money to give her....... 

So if she isn't worth giving money to ...... Why do it? ..... Love? ..... Love doesn't come with a price fact most would argue that love is FREE ..... You only pay with your Heart.....Not Money.....So why?

In conclusion, Men! Why do you feel you have to give women money especially if they are working themselves? Women! Why do you feel you can demand money from a man and not spend yours? Unless your the perfect woman who works, cooks, cleans, takes care of her man & kids (if any) and always keeps a smile on her man's face and he knows u deserve extra so he shows u and treats u as he feels u do to him. Making it a win win situation........on the other hand if you are not that woman ....why do you feel u can demand money from a man when you have your own? ...... I'm All Ears !

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