Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Thoughts & Life Theories.....#2

Why do people feel they have to have the latest fashion ? Why does it matter how much you pay for your clothing? Who is really keeping track? ....and why do u feel u have to prove something to someone? ..... what exactly are you proving ? That u make a couple more dollars than others....ok....and!? ...... You spend ur life proving something to the world that in all actuality doesn't really care. You may think they care but once the fashion show is over no one remembered to care how much u paid for ya outfit.

They say those who always feel they have to prove something to others is considered "Shallow" or have low self esteem and feel that proving something to others makes them feel superior but yet your just playing the fool.

I'm speak for myself when I say I can go out and buy the latest fashion .... But for what ? ..... So I can show u I make a few more dollars than others or because having the latest fashion makes me look cool and appealing to those who don't have as much as I have therefore make them envy & jealous of me. Since when did it become cool to make others jealous and envious of you? .... Sure it makes u feel superior but if the shoe were on the other foot how cool would u think it was then? ..... 

Lets make it clear that I'm not down playing designer fashion I'm simply saying if your going to wear & buy those things be sure to buy them for the right reasons. Don't break ya pockets just so you can front like you a big shot when it's clear that your really not. That's not being ya self and that's really not cool. If you can afford those clothing and still able to pay ya bills and take care of ya responsibilities then by all means do ya thing ! If you work hard like me I understand u wanna play hard too lol  trust cuz I play hard. So I know. 

In conclusion, they say people make the clothes, not the other way around meaning the clothes make the person. It's all in the media and advertisements that you see from celebrities endorsing the clothes to the models walking down the runway in them. The society media has a way of making you feel like your a nobody if you don't have the latest fashion. Or you will get laughed at or called broke etc....that may be true in today's world but once again who cares ! If you don't have ya priorities in order your gonna lose out Big Time ! If you broke u broke. Do something to better ya self instead of spending ya limited funds on clothing that don't mean anything nor advance you to a better situation. 

So tell me if you have limited funds why are you pretending to be a big shot as well as dress like one ?? ....... I'm All Ears !! 

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